Firm Profile

Firm Profile

Since 1977, Ms. Beaver has dedicated her law practice to assisting individuals with complicated estates and contested custody issues navigate the divorce process. While having earned the reputation as an astute litigator, Ms. Beaver and her team diligently explore every available avenue to resolve conflicts without litigation. By employing a sophisticated and collaborative approach to conflict resolution, the firm is able to settle most of its cases out of court on terms favorable to the client. Ms. Beaver is also renowned for understanding not only the legal but also the emotional dynamics of her client’s relationships, which is invaluable to clients leaving unhealthy and destructive situations.

Ms. Beaver and her team primarily work with clients who have complex estates, which require a level of sophistication and expertise not found in many family law practices. These cases often involve complex child related issues such as child custody, relocation or abuse allegations or complex valuation and marital property characterization scenarios. Ms. Beaver also works with individuals to construct marital property agreements prior to or after marriage in cases where there are complex estates to consider, or family wealth structures and business holdings which could be devastated by divorce.

Ms. Beaver’s practice is centered in Central Texas but she also litigates throughout Texas. Ms. Beaver and her team have had the opportunity to provide representation in some of the most significant family law cases in Texas, involving sports and entertainment figures, captains of business and industry, large family trusts and estate structures, together with hundreds of other cases perhaps less well-known but still addressed with the same degree of commitment and sensitivity.

Unlike many other areas of the law, family law is not a standalone discipline. By its very nature, family law touches many facets of law which are seemingly unrelated. These include real estate, torts, oil and gas, intellectual property, tax, bankruptcy, criminal, estate planning and more. Ms. Beaver and her team are familiar with and can recognize diverse aspects of the law applicable to a case and have an established network of resources readily available when more in-depth expertise is indicated in a particular area. Our network includes forensic and tax accountants, mental health professionals, real estate and other appraisers, private investigators and child development specialists.

Our approach

The anxiety produced by divorce can be paralyzing, making it difficult to make it through the day and nearly impossible to process the information necessary to move toward closure. From the outset, Ms. Beaver and her team focus on a client’s emotional well-being. They help redirect what may seem to be overwhelming emotions – anxiety, anger, hurt or betrayal – into constructive energy that results in forward momentum, alleviating the stress of the process and helping the client achieve closure in a healthy emotional state. Ms. Beaver’s team keeps the client informed and involved throughout the process, adding a sense of empowerment that further reduces anxiety and puts the client in a position to meaningfully contribute to the process.

The firm’s team approach, coupled with client involvement, creates efficiencies throughout the process. Ms. Beaver’s team is organized with every attention to detail. Responsiveness is their mantra. Each case is assigned a three to four-person team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that help move the process forward quickly. In litigation cases, the firm’s goal is to conclude every case expeditiously because time is money, and with every day that passes the cost of litigation and level of anxiety rise exponentially.

With almost four decades of experience in family law, Ms. Beaver is able to predict and analyze potential courtroom scenarios and the likely outcomes in a case, which provides a significant advantage in developing legal strategy. In nearly all cases, the initial step toward settlement is mediation, and Ms. Beaver’s team prepares for mediation with the same attention to detail as it does when going to trial. Proposed settlement and custody orders are meticulously drafted, backup documents are compiled and organized, and the client is informed and prepared prior to mediation so that every minute spent is productively focused on achieving the desired outcome.

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