Because family law is the sole practice discipline of The Law Office of Becky Beaver, the firm has accumulated vast experience and expertise in this highly-sensitive and emotional area. Our Firm’s unique team approach has proven time and again to be a successful formula for family law cases.

Our objective with clients is to ensure they are fully informed as to every aspect of the case and offered the opportunity to participate in case preparation and strategy. Our extensive experience and training in assessing and understanding the emotional and legal dynamics in family law matters enable us to be the best advocates possible for our clients during investigation, negotiation and, if necessary, litigation.

In conjunction with our clients, one of two case approaches is chosen:

BBCollaborativeFamilyLaw BBTraditionalFamilyLaw
Family Law cases typically involve a variety of areas of the law including property transactions, contractual agreements, title transfers, taxation, estate planning, banking relationships, financial planning and securities, to name just a few. The Law Office of Becky Beaver is very thorough in addressing all details of our clients’ cases. Beyond the settlement or court ruling between spouses, we ensure our clients are able to transition to their new lives without obstacles.

Conservatorship of Children, Custody Issues, Child Support Complex Property Issues BeckyBeaverQuestionMark
Alimony and Spousal Maintenance Complex Characterization Issues BeckyBeaverQuestionMark
Prenuptial Agreements and Marital Property Agreements All Aspects of Divorce, including Pre-Divorce Counseling BeckyBeaverQuestionMark
Modification in Child Related Matters

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