People’s Community Clinic Celebrates 50 Years

People’s Community Clinic Celebrates 50 Years

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Serving as a true safety net for the Central Texas community, People’s Community Clinic has long been dedicated to providing medical care and compassion to our communities’ most underserved and uninsured.

Established in the early ’70s and close to the University of Texas, PCC became a reliable clinic for college students and people who couldn’t afford medical care.

Today our own law firm’s Becky Beaver is proud to be a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees and cites her support back to her college years. As a patient, Becky recalls the clinic’s commitment to the people. “You had to stand in line for a long time,” she says, but “they were compassionate and respectful even then.”

Celebrating its 50th year, PCC reminisces back on its beginnings, hardships, accomplishments and most importantly on the resilient and supportive community and staff they continue to foster.

PCC is recognized as a Gold Tier Health Center Quality Leader by the U.S. Health Resources & Service Administration, an honor made possible by the amazing medical staff, management and supportive board members that uphold its values.

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